Research And Development Engineer (Computer Graphics)

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R&D Engineer (Computer Graphics)
At colormass we are developing state of the art technologies in the field of 3D. We are currently looking to expand our R&D team with physicists, mathematicians and computer scientists who are interested in solving difficult theoretical problems with a practical use. Your role will be to work on a solution for challenging problems or to implement an existing paper or technique.

One example of such a task would be to research concepts and algorithms which can extract the surface properties of fabrics, wood and other finishes. More specifically, algorithms that efficiently approximate BSDF properties of different physical materials based on photographs captured using our in-house camera and light system. Another example would be to research geometry processing algorithms that efficiently approximate the form of real life objects based on a few photographs.

Please note that we are not looking for candidates who have experience in all of these fields but rather for somebody who is highly motivated about one of them.

-Develop, test and integrate computer graphics algorithms into our software
-Read papers and keep up with the newest research in the field of computer graphics
-Implement algorithms that efficiently approximate BSDF properties of different physical materials
-Implement algorithms that efficiently approximate the forms of real life objects
-Collaborate with highly skilled 3D artists and engineers
-Experience in Python or C++
-High motivation and perseverance to tackle difficult problems
Good English or German
-Background in mathematics, physics, information technology or a related field

-Experience in image processing
-Experience in geometry processing
-Experience in computer graphics
-Strong passion for writing software of the highest quality
What we offer
-Being part of a technological revolution and shaping the future of the 3D industry
-Dynamic, stimulating company culture with a very challenging vision
-Continuous self-development and the opportunity to learn from highly skilled colleagues

Job type: Full-time, student, internship
Location: Berlin (close to Ernst-Reuter-Platz) or remote

How to apply?
-Please send your application to with the following information:

-Cover letter and Curriculum Vitae
-Anything computer science related you are proud of
-Salary expectation
-Put “R&D Engineer” in the subject line of your email

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send an email to the email address mentioned above.

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