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// Topic

Development & Implementation of a Coding Guideline & Tools for smart, distributed, high-performance systems in Java.

Working on this thesis will be financially compensated.

// Background

We support a multi-billion European company, that is both a market and technology leader in its fields. The company itself is a quality leader and is renowned in the markets for the very strong quality of their products that have the reputation of being extremely robust and “unbreakable”.

As a leader of digitalization in their markets our client company has developed an Asset Management System that is set up as a platform (comparable to windows or iOS with their basic apps). For this platform smart, analytic based services (comparable to xls, ppt, …) have been and are being developed that help the customers to track their assets as well as analyze and optimize their utilization by the customers. The platform is a distributed software system, with a microservice architecture based on JAVA and the Spring Boot framework.

The company has achieved its quality leadership by implementing a solid design culture based on well thought of design rules and is applying this approach to their new asset management platform. As a result, the software quality management landscape is advanced and comprises elaborate software quality & feature area / microservice healthiness reporting processes using JIRA. They also have setup fast defect resolution process as well as bug prevention process based on reviews as part of the merge requests. The effectiveness of these reviews is tracked in Gitlab with key performance indicators.

To enhance this quality management landscape, they are setting up a Smart Coding Guideline consisting of coding rules with examples (dos and don’ts) and making these available to their teams to ensure that the teams follow the same proven standards.

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Exposé Bachelor’s or Master’s Thesis.pdf

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